McGill University

McGill’s calculation of the “Top 5”

Canadian high school applications (except those from Ontario) are reviewed for admission based on McGill’s own calculation of the “top five” grade 12 level course average.

Depending on the program to which you have applied, certain prerequisite courses must be included; more information is available on our website.

All grades for prerequisite grade 12 courses are taken into consideration, including any grades for failed or repeated courses. In the case of a repeated course, McGill generally averages the grades for all attempts.

Note that McGill’s calculation of the admission average may vary from those used at other institutions.

McGill’s online application form is available on the web at

bc Provincial Exams??

In cases where students choose to write the provincial exam, the final examination result as well as the school grades will be taken into consideration in the McGill admission decision.

Where students opt not to write the provincial exam in a subject, the school grade alone will be taken into account