Entrance Scholarships Tips & Tricks

The application

  • Provide clear and concise details about your extracurricular activities.  Ensure that the length, breadth and quality of your experiences are included
  • Pick an essay topic that speaks to you and draws you in
  • Be Original!! Stick out in the committees minds, as we receive hundreds of applications
  • Organize thoughts and ensure that all spelling and grammar are correct


  • Meet the deadline –> Applications MUST be post-marked by the deadline date
  • Ensure your Entrance Scholarship package is COMPLETE (including a recent transcript)
  • Self-report all of your grades online through the goSFU portal (go.sfu.ca)
  • Meet with your nominator and referee

summary of achievements

  • Academic Achievements & Distinctions
    • 2009: NLS & WSI (Certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor)
    • 2007-2010:  Honour Roll (Maintained 96% GPA since Grade 8)
  • Volunteer Experience
    • High School: Tutor (2009-2010: 15 Hours)
      • Tutored Math 10 to students while explaining and reinforcing core concepts
    • Hockey: Goalie (2005 – Current: 150 Hours)
      • Participates in local hockey team as head goalie.  We have gone on to win 2 Provincial Championships
    • Summer Camp: Volunteer (Aug 2009-2010: 110 Hours)
      • Collaborate with staff to prepare activities for children, supervise and interact with children and ensure their safety


We receive hundres of applications for the Major Entrance Scholarship Competition each February.  It’s very important to stick out in the minds of the committee members reading your application.  Be original and creative.  the most memorable students had something unique to share in their essay, and conveyed their interests and ideas.

Examples of previous Major Entrance Scholarship Winners:

  • Comic-Books:  One student did her essay and activities in a comic-book format.  She spoke about her passion with comics and how she uses them as a communication tool
  • Hockey Superstar:  A hockey player who volunteers in soup kitchens and coaches a younger hockey team, all while maintaining high marks in school
  • Queen of White Rock:  One application made herself noticed when she explained she was the Queen of White Rock, thanks to her multiple volunteer experiences with the city of White Rock