Some Tips From New University Students to Grade 12’s

  1. Ease Pressure –> Don’t add to it
    •   Youth of this generation are so anxious about the future that they are putting things off until the last minute
      • Ie: Completing PSI Forms…Applying to College & Universities…Applying for a Job
    • Generation Y = Slacker??
      • This generation of youth have a different view on careers and entering the workforce
    • Let students know that its “OK” not to know what they want to do for the rest of their live
  2. Encourage Self Knowledge
    •  Tell students to volunteer or acquire internships
      • Show students how it will benefit them
      • Get away from the viewpoint that students have of: “What is it going to do for me?”
    • Tell students to think “lifestyle”
      • The career they choose will dictate the type of lifestyle they are going to have
        • Ask them to think about what sort of people they want to work with, what aspects do they want to have from this career?
    • Tell students to act without the fear of what others may think
      • Choose a career based on what they want, and not what their peer or societal pressures are to become
  3. Manage Expectations
    •  Tell students to “find their passion”
      • Ask themselves: “What Makes You Happy At Work?”
    • Let them know…’s not going to be easy
      • It is going to take a lot of work & money to become where they see themselves in the future
  4. “What I Know Now…What I Wish I’d Known Then”
    •  The Cost of University
      • It’s a real shocker when you get into post-secondary and find out exactly what it costs
    • Grade Restrictions from High School in Post-Secondary
      • If a student wants to take Calculus 12 in University, then they require an “A” in Math 12
    • The Importance of Registration Times
      • Plan ahead and choose the courses that you want so you don’t get on waitlists and don’t get into courses
      • If you have an 8am registration, make sure you are ready to register for that time, or you may be stuck without courses
    • Encouragement is KEY to students
      • Tell them to keep their doors open
    • Go to ALL the events offered at the Universities à Marketing, Accounting, Etc…
      • Talk to people and get involved outside of class time in areas that they want to focus on or work in for the future
      • Make sure to get involved from Day 1
        • It may help you acquire contacts or get a job once you’ve completed your degree