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Biographies and Jacques Cousteau

Here is the website if you are interested in learning more about Jacques Cousteau:

His story and many other biographies are fascinating to read. I hope you will consider reading biographies (and other non-fiction books) from our library.

Remember that biographies are often shelved in the section with other books related to what the person does or is famous for. Example: a Wayne Gretzky biography would be with other hockey books in the sports (700s) section.


What Should I Read Next?

Recently, I introduced a website called “What Should I Read Next?” to intermediate classes. My intent in introducing this site to you was to give you another tool to use in finding books that interest you. By entering the title of a book you enjoyed reading into the search box on this website, hopefully the resulting list of book suggestions will give you at least one good idea of what you might like to read next!

Check it out: