Career Program Options

Burnaby School District offers the following options within the Career Education Department: 

  1. Work Experience 30 or 90 hours Gr 11 / 12
  2. Explore Skills and Technology  Gr 9 – 10
  3. Industry Training Programs – Application 2018

  Burnaby School District offers a variety of industry training programs. Which are categorized into three types: Youth Train in Trades formerly called Ace-it, Industry Certification programs, and Industry Connection programs. 

Youth Train In Trades (ACE-IT)

Auto Collision Repair Technician

Auto Refinishing Prep Technician

Auto Service Technician

Baker (Pastry Arts)


Construction Electrician

Hairstylist  ** 2 years

Metal Fabricator

Painter & Decorator



Professional Cook

Industry Certification

Cisco Networking Academy

Fitness Instructor

Hotel & Event Management

Microsoft Office Specialist

 Palo Alto Cyber Security Academy

Industry Connect

DigiPen Gaming Academy

 Film & Broadcast

Graphics/Media Arts

Health Sciences

Music Production & Technology

Robotics (Mechatronics)

Youth Work In Trades – Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA)

Burnaby School District Industry Training Students – Interviewed on Video – How the Programs have worked for Burnaby Students!