Industry Connect

Industry Connect Programs –

Burnaby offers 6 unique Industry Connect Programs that prepares students for Post Secondary programs + entry level work. Student learn hands on skills and students develop a portfolio of their work.  Each program includes 120 hours of work experience.

Film & BroadcastBurnaby North / Day 1’s – PM Period 3 and 4 / 12:30 -4:15 (1 year)

  • Gain practical on-set experience in class and in the real world
  • Writing for TV, newscasts, and film, learn shooting & editing of HDV
  • Possible preferred acceptance to BCIT Broadcast & Media Communications Program



Graphics/Media Arts – Byrne Creek / 3 afternoons per week / 12:50 – 4:00 (1 year)

  • Obtain experience & knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Flash MX,
    and Pro Tools sound editing
  • First half of the course is project based, second half of the course – students work on self directed art projects with teacher support
  • This can lead to opportunities in fields such as graphic design, photography, web design and video and film production.


Health Sciences – Moscrop / 3 afternoons per week / Mon, Tues, Thurs 12:50-4:00 (1 year)

  • Discover a career path to Health careers, apply classroom human biology at BCIT
  • Participate in simulations and learn about diabetes, heart disease and cancer diagnosis
  • Learn about BCIT’s various health science programs
  • Participate in work experience (Wed, Fri afternoons, or weekends) with Burnaby General Hospital or other Health Science work placements
  • Earn Biology 12, Health Sciences 12A, Health Sciences 12B
Mechatronics (Robotics) Alpha / Day 1’s-PM Period 3and 4 / 12:30-4:00 (1 year)

  • Learn about various areas within the field of robotics and automation.
  • Program covers aspects of drafting, electronic theory, design and fabrication of Vex Robotics
  • Programming in (Robotics C, Arduino, G Code)


Music Production & Technology – Burnaby North / Day 1’s – PM Period 3 and 4 / 12:30 – 4:15 (1 year)

  • Prepares students for live studio recording and engineering or working in post-production facilities
  • Possible preferred acceptance to Douglas College Music Technology Certificate Program




DigiPen Gaming Academy – Cariboo Secondary – NEW Sept 2018

  • This program is offered to students who attend Cariboo full-time 
  • Students have the option of enrolling in up to five courses.  One class is offered at grade 8, one at grade 9, and four classes at grade 10-12.
  • for more information visit the  –Outline