Mrs. Winter’s Classroom

This term in Music with Mrs. Winter, the Kindergarten and Grade 1 students have spent time describing and responding to music in a variety of ways including song, movement, written reflections and art. 

For example, after learning the song “Autumn Leaves” with actions and moving like leaves falling gently from the trees, we discussed how the music made us feel and how the music moved.  All the classes brainstormed vocabulary that they could use to describe their feelings and the mood of this music.  

We then listened to Vivaldi’s “Autumn” from the Four Seasons which was very different in mood, tempo and feelingThe students came up with words to describe this music and were able to compare it to “Autumn Leaves”. 

Finally, they were able to respond to the music using art.  They used drawing and colour to show how the music moved, how they felt about the music and demonstrate through their art the clear differences between these 2 pieces of music.


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