Band Goodies

Here are some excellent videos showcasing different areas of playing in a band.

Rush is one of Canada’s greatest rock bands, and Neil Peart is considered one of the greatest drummers in the world. Neil Peart sadly passed away in January 2020, but his is still well known for his amazing skills on the drums. Everyone Rush concert, Peart would have his own featured time to solo and it was a fan favourite part of every concert.

The Berlin Philharmonic is considered one of the best orchestras in the world. Here’s a fantastic video of them playing the Indiana Jones theme!

From the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Mambo from West Side Story is a favourite! Watch for the choreographed actions throughout.

Enjoy this reimagining of Baby Shark in 10 different musical genres!

Advanced techniques include a variety of new techniques that are performed by a soloist on their instrument. This saxophone player demonstrates some of these techniques. Listen for the key clicks, beatboxing, and singing!

The Piano Guys are a well known group of musicians who take classical music and put a spin on it. This video features their cello player, who takes Star Wars to a new world!

In 2011, Youtube put together their own orchestra to play in Sydney, Australia. Mothership by Mason Bates uses traditional orchestral instruments, but Mason Bates is a professional DJ and has included some synth pad into the music. You’ll see the composer playing the pad at the back of the orchestra and uses it to play along with the group. You’ll also see 4 different soloists who are not necessarily playing traditional orchestral instruments.