NEW BURNABY SCHOLARSHIP: $1,000 Spirit of BC Scholarship for students passionate about athletics, visual arts, OR performing arts: due Tuesday, April 2nd

To be considered for the award the student should:

  • be passionate about athletics, visual arts or performing arts
  • for athletics – involved in school or community as a player, manager or other  contributing role
  • for visual arts – demonstrate evidence through a portfolio of work
  • for performing arts – involved in school or community as a performer or a supporting role
  • have demonstrated having a positive influence in the school or community through community service or volunteer work and through dedication and hard work
  • exemplify good citizenship and strong character demonstrating personal responsibility and respect for others
  • maintained a good academic standing
  • demonstrated plans to continue with education in a post-secondary program
  • formally submitted a completed application package to the school’s scholarship committee

General information is HERE.

Application form is available HERE.

Application is due to Ms. Falsetto before Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019.

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