Up to $1000 Doteasy Scholarship for graphic artists: Due March 31, 2019

The Doteasy Scholarship is our way to support passionate technology students, future entrepreneurs and aspiring graphic artists. Our goal is to empower students, lessen their financial burden during their future studies, and give them the resources to build an online presence that will move them towards their goals. We truly believe that having a website provides a major advantage for furthering your career goals.


Doteasy Scholarships are open to residents of Canada in their final year of high school and have an expressed interest in a field of study that would greatly benefit from owning a website (eg. Computer Science, IT, IAT, Graphic Design, Business, or Other).

Awards include $1000, $750 and $500.


You can apply by sending an email to scholarship@doteasy.com. In your email, please:

  • Tell us your name, current secondary school, and your intended field of study in the body of the email: Computer Science, IT, IAT, Graphic Design, Business, or Other (If other, briefly explain why having a website would benefit you).

  • Include a 300-500 word essay in the body of your email. Describe your career goals, and why having an online presence would help you on your journey. For writing suggestions, feel free to tell us:

    • Your career goals
    • Steps you’ve already taken towards your goals
    • Your intended field of study and proposed path
    • How having a website can help you achieve the career you want or help you in your career
  • Attach one letter of reference from a teacher, principal, employer or community leader

  • Scholarship winners will also receive 1-year of website hosting and domain name services. Please tell us which Doteasy services (hosting and/or add-ons) would best suit you and your needs. (Note that this answer will not be considered as part of the adjudication process, but allows us to assess the best complimentary hosting resources for our scholarship winners). You can take a look at the services offered by Doteasy on our website: www.doteasy.com

The scholarship is open to students in their final year of high school. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2019.

Here is the URL for the scholarship details:

For Doteasy Scholarship information, CLICK HERE.

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