Reminder: $500-$5000 Automotive Retailers Foundation Scholarships: Deadline June 30th

Please note: Students must be enrolled full-time for the year of the scholarship. For instance, applicants who apply in 2018 must be enrolled for the September 2018-2019 academic year.

In 2018, the following 7 awards are offered:

Bob Clarke Memorial                                                     $2,000

BC Auto Recyclers Bursary                                           $2,000 (quantity 2)

Scholarship – Automotive Trades Development              $2,000 (quantity 2)

Scholarship – Apprenticeship 2nd year                           $2,000

Scholarship – Apprenticeship 3rd year                            $2,000

Ed Coates Memorial Red Seal Trades Scholarship         $5,000

William (Willie) Freeburn Memorial Automotive Glass     $500     (quantity 2)

Here is the link to the outlines and application forms for the ARFI awards.

Deadline is June 30th.

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