$1000 Interworld Development Inc. Scholarship for students in TRADES! Deadline is Friday, April 6th, 2018


Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence and achievement in a Youth Train in Trades and Youth Work in Trades program and meets the following eligibility criteria.


To be considered for the award the student must have:

  • successfully completed a Youth Train in Trades and Youth Work in Trades program in the Burnaby School District with a high level of effort, determination and integrity
  • successfully completed 120 hours industry-recognized work experience
  • demonstrated a high level of motivation to continue to develop skills and abilities in the chosen profession
  • demonstrated plans to continue in studies in the chosen field at post-secondary or apprenticeship training
  • been nominated for the award by a Youth Train in Trades or Youth Work in Trades program teacher

Consideration is to be given to a student with financial need.

Application form is HERE.

More information is HERE.

Submit application to Ms. Falsetto before Friday, April 6th, 2018.

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