Thanks for coming to our Alumni Q&A today! Alumni contact info here:

Alumni Panelists’ Contact Information: 

A special thanks to our Byrne Creek alumni who came to our panel discussion this morning! If students want to ask questions, our panelists are happy to respond.  Here is their contact info:

From left to right (see photo below):

Marco Elezovic: Douglas, Diploma In Criminology; currently at SFU Criminology.

Rosana Hung: UBC, VCC, and Douglas College Nursing.

Virginia Chiu: UBC Global Resource Systems.

Raphaella Robles: SFU Interactive Arts and Technology.

Zahra Haq: SFU Faculty of Health Science (majoring in Life Sciences).

Martina Formoso: SFU Health Sciences/BCIT Nursing.

img_4302-jpgPlease contact Ms. Falsetto for details.


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