Scholarship Meeting for Grads of 2015-16

Dear Grads of 2016,

We will have a scholarship meeting in the CFD, on Wednesday, October 14th, during tutorial and then again during lunch hour in order to accommodate the tutorial mentors. Please pick up a Scholarship student profile form and have it filled out before the meeting so that it is ready to be handed in during the meeting.

There are a few scholarships with due dates drawing very close, so please be very diligent with checking in every single day, so that you won’t miss anything like the Loran, Horatioalger, and many others…

Also, I have a sign-up sheet posted on my door for students who are interested in having a private consultation meetings with me regarding their scholarships, applications for post-secondary plans.  Please drop by to put your name down. I am available for the consultation meeting from Tuesday to Friday  (October 13th-16th) during blocks B, C, and D. After the 16th, I am still available for consultation, but you have to just drop by during breaks or lunch time  to  make an appointment.

Cheers, and Good luck!

Ms. Fujiki

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