Blind Date With a Book

Need something to do this Valentine’s Day? Come by the library and try a blind date with a book. 

You might be thinking, “What’s a blind date with a book?”… Well, we have wrapped up a number of our most popular titles and the only way you can pick your “date” is by the few word description on the front. Now you quite literally can’t judge a book by its cover. You just have to go with your gut and make a split second decision about whether or not the book is right for you.  Let us know if your date is a dud, or a complete hit!

Check out some readers finding out the true identity of their blind date books in the video below.

Alpha Reads 2017

With the beginning of semester 2 comes the launch of our new Alpha Reads! 10 amazing titles have been chosen that include sci-fi, fantasy, realism and everything in between.

Check out the video below for some information about this year’s picks and remember to take a ballot and enter our draw every time you read one of the 2017 titles. There will be a weekly Friday draw for small prizes as well as a GRAND PRIZE draw in May. So get reading!


Ms. Haigh Reads – Under a Painted Sky


Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee is an exhilarating western filled with numerous twists, turns and near misses. Set during the California gold rush, the story follows the unlikely pairing of two young women: a young Chinese fiddle player and a runaway black slave who must fight to stay alive. Brought together by unfortunate circumstances the girls lean on each other as they begin the treacherous journey West towards safety and a potentially better life. Pretending to be boys to keep their identities hidden, the girls befriend a group of young cowboys and struggle to learn the pioneering skills necessary to stay alive. This is a book filled with painful moments of racism, the power of friendship and the difficulty of unrequited love. But most of all, it is about adventure, survival and the ability we all have to surprise ourselves with our own strength. Though the events are at times implausible, it is still a good read if you enjoy exciting stories about the Wild West.

Ms. Haigh Reads – We All Looked Up


In We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach an astroid called Ardor is barrelling towards Earth and has a 66.6% chance of destroying the world forever.  Told from 4 different points of view, the story follows 6 high school students as they come to terms with the possibility that their lives are over in a few weeks. With the Apocalypse looming, the main characters make the most of the little time they have left and go after the things they`ve always wanted, causing their lives to intersect in unusual ways. Suddenly the dead-beat is hanging out with the straight A student, and the star basketball player is second guessing his relationship with the popular beauty. But as they work to maintain a human connection, the world around them starts spinning out of control, with violence and destruction at every turn.

Though this story is about the end of the world, it is actually quite hopeful and is filled with lots of humour, friendship and love.

Recommended for fans of Eleanor and Park and We Were Liars.

Warning: some mature content, so recommended for 15+