Teacher – Librarian – Ms. Haigh
Shannon in Memphis
Library Assistant – Ms S. Griffith

Q: How long can I take things out for?

A: Loan periods depend on the type of material, but most books are 3 weeks and Graphic Novels and Manga are 1 week.

A: Students can take out up to 5 books out at a time.

Q: Can I eat and drink in the library?

A: Unfortunately you cannot! Books are really expensive and food and drink + paper can get very messy. Water is okay though.

Q: When can I come to the library?

A: We are open before and after school and at lunch unless there are meetings. If you come down during class time you need to have a note from your teacher. If you are on a spare, please sign-in at the front desk.

Q: What if I want a book you don’t have?

A: Let Ms. Haigh or Ms. Griffith know and we can look into purchasing a copy for the school.

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