BPL Summer Reading Club Participants

take-a-tripCongratulations to the following Seaforth students who completed this summer’s BPL reading club program called Take a Trip! The participants’ reading calendars were sent to all Burnaby Schools so that Teacher-Librarians could print out and present the students with their Certificates of Completion. Certificates were handed out last week and this week during Library Book Exchanges.

 Declan C.,

Janet Z.,

Rocco H.,

Anisha N.,

Jaedyn V.

Mia L.

Michelle M.

Abby L.

Alice T.

Nathan C.

Amaliya C.

Derek T.

Alexis C.

Anastasia N.

Cynthia L.

Ariana I.

Wilfred C.

Ethan H.

Aadam P.

Keira T.

Angela L.

Larisa J.

Mackenzie A.

Lochlann V.

Chase V.

Jason M.

Katie C.

Aasir H.

Sarah O.

Nathan C.

Hanno S.

Merika L.

Isabella K.

Georgia H.

Maelle O.

Parker V.

Oscar N.

Sophie J.

Jonah G.

Nicholas T.

Paige L.

Christine C.

Maria N.

Michael O.

Kishin K.

Alexander M.

Aaria P.

Sofia S.

Keira A.

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