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Cross-Curricular Ideas

Plants and Animals to Know in Burnaby

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Gardening Books 

  • Roots and Research in Urban School Gardens by Veronica Gaylie
  • Learning Gardens and Sustainability Education: Bringing Life to Schools and School to Life by Dilafruz R. Williams & Jonathan D. Brown
  • Ripe for Change: Garden-Based Learning in Schools by Jane S. Hirschi
  • Place-Based Curriculum Design: Exceeding Standards through Local Investigations by Amy B. Demarest

Outdoor Learning Books

  • Messy Maths: A Playful, Outdoor Approach for Early Years by Juliet Robertson
  • Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors by Juliet Robertson
  • The Teaching Green Series
  • Coyote’s Guide: To Connecting with Nature by Jon Young, Ellen Haas, Evan McGown
  • The Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder And Developing a Sense of Place by Gillian Judson

Inspiring Reads for Place-Based Learning

  • The Goodness of Rain: Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children by Ann Pelo
  • Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer


  • FNESC Science First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide: Grades 5 to 9
  • Get Outdoors! Guide (Wild BC): provides quick and easy activities to guide your students’ outdoor learning. Includes information on how to prepare for outdoor learning, in-class and “make-it” activities (make your own sit-upons, pooter, zoom-in frames, etc.).
  • Wild BC also has Project Wild kits for purchase, which comes full of activity kit bags and other essential props (Ex. a class set of mini-magnifying glasses which can be fun in the forest).


  • Padlet: online, collaborative “poster board” style
  • Popplet: good for brainstorming with photos and text, can be used for timelines as well
  • Green Screen
  • Explain Everything

 DLRC Kits

Curriculum Day Resources

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