Welcome to the Moscrop Grad Transitions Blog. Please use the right-hand menu or the top drop down menu to find the information you are looking for.  You will find information about Grad Transitions requirements by graduation year, as well as Transition Guide and Student Led Interview forms, assignments and information from previous years.  Stay tuned for updated information on the requirements for Graduation Transitions as they will apply to Grads of 2018.

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Graduation Program

You will learn about the requirements of the Graduation Program and begin to plan for successful completion of high school. As a part of this, you will also be introduced to the Graduation Transitions(Grade 2004 program)/Career Life Connections requirements (New Grad program)

  1. Work Experience
  2. Transition Guide/Capstone Project
  3. Student Led Interviews/Capstone Presentation



Mrs. Dato, Room 313

Graduation Transitions Advisor