CLC 12 (B) – 2 credits

All graduating grade 12s have been added to a CLC 12 TEAM in Office 365.
All instructional videos & assignments will be posted there.
All homework assignments are to be turned in to TEAMS as well.

Here is the current CLC 12 schedule and deadline summary:

Oct 8 Deadline to watch video #1
Oct 12 Capstone Proposal Assignment Due
Oct 27 Deadline to sign up for a zoom meeting with Ms. Dato
& to Turn In Mentor Guide with 1st meeting
Oct 28-Nov 12 Zoom meetings held
Dec 8 Deadline to watch video #2
Dec 13 Assignment Deadline (Including Mentor Guide with 2nd meeting)
Jan 17 Deadline (extended) to watch video #3
Jan 28 Submit Mentor Guide 3rd meeting summary
Feb 4 & 11 Capstone Presentations (during FLEX blocks)
-Schedules will be posted in TEAMS by Jan 26
Feb 6 & Feb 13 Final Assignment due-

Submit your Final Capstone Representation & Final Self-Evaluation

CLC 12 focuses on the development and pursual of a Senior Capstone Project.  This video is great for explaining the general idea of a Capstone!

Think of your Capstone Project as an opportunity to grow, rather than a burden.  It’s easy to take the easy way out, but think about what you can gain from putting in a little effort and challenging yourself!

Information about Career Life Connections 12 (B) will be updated as the semester progresses.


Stay tuned…