Mini-Capstone Project/Transition Plan

Work Experience Requirements


Grads of 2019 will complete a Transition Plan and Mini Capstone project as part of their graduation requirements.

Access the full Project Instructions here. (Stay tuned…)

Important Due Dates for Grade 12s:

November 14, 2018-  MODULE 1 DUE

Submit your Mini Capstone proposal by clicking here. (link will be posted shortly)    

**remember your Office 365 login: 

username=         (example:           password=same as your school computer password

January 9/10, 2019-  MODULE 2 DUE

Submit your Transition Plan to your English 12 teacher – Progress Report, Transition Plan, Budget and Resume (Must have a title page and be stapled together)


Mini Capstone presentations will be scheduled.  Your date and time will be determined in the New Year.

More Capstone Presentation information (for Grads of 2019)



Transition Plan example (see what your final project will look like, and how to put it together)

Budget – (download and print an extra copy of this form to use in Module 2)

Budget Guide (to help you estimate your budget for the first year after high school)

Action Log (if you want to type it or make a second copy for you to keep)

GAP Period Article (for Transition Plan of students not planning on post-secondary next year)  


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