November Book Reviews

Renegades Trilogy By Marissa Meyer


Nova lives underground in the abandoned subway tunnels with the other Anarchists. Their mission, to regain control of Gatlon, the city which they lost after the last war, from the Renegades. The plan…have Nova get inside the organization as an undercover spy to gather information needed to take them down. Nova is determined to avenge the death of her family, but the more Nova works alongside the enemy, the more she starts to question who the enemy really is. Full of conflict, battles, and mysterious twists, this book is a page turner. I wasn’t a fan of the ending though, but I encourage you to read it and let me know your thoughts.


Mixed Up by Gordon Korman (F KOR) 

Reef is struggling to make it day to day since his mom died. He now lives with his mom’s best friend and her family, and none of the kids are happy to have him there. Declan, who now has to share his bedroom with Reef, dislikes him the most and goes out of his way to make Reef’s life miserable. His friends are giving him space and his teachers are giving him some leeway, which makes for a very lonely life. Also, Reef is finding it harder each day to remember his mom. His memories of her are fading, which frustrates and angers him. But, what is really absurd is that he is remembering things that seem strangely out of place, but grief and loss can make the mind do funny things, right? Read this new book by Gordon Korman to find out what is really happening to Reef’s memories, where they are going, and the extreme measures he is willing to go to, to get them back. This was an interesting book, as I wasn’t sure exactly how this problem was going to be solved….and to be honest, the ending wasn’t very realistic. The idea for the book was clever, but the ending seemed too far-fetched and unsafe for a realistic fiction novel. But, you should read it and decide for yourself. 

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