Math Enrichment


In line with the our school’s shift from an honours model to an enrichment model, the math department will no longer offer honours courses in Grades 8 through 10, but will now to move to an enrichment model where students are will receive both in and out of class enrichment opportunities.

Rationale for Enrichment

Enrichment options are designed to inspire, challenge, and stretch students who demonstrate strong work ethic, passion, and ability by providing them with extra-curricular experiences and the opportunity to develop their academic skills for post-secondary. Enriched students, in Grades 8 to 10, will have the opportunity to deepen their capacities in all the mathematical curricular competencies (understanding & solving, reasoning and analyzing, communicating & representing, and connecting & reflecting). In the senior grades, as students become mature and sure of their interests, they may elect to challenge themselves further with specific AP courses. 

Why Integrate Junior Enrichment Students into Inclusive Classrooms? 

BC has one curriculum for all students. École Alpha Secondary is a progressive educational institution where students are integrated into inclusive classrooms and instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. We want to foster a strong sense of belonging at Alpha. Inclusive classrooms are essential for encouraging an appreciation for and acceptance of individual differences and strengths. This inclusive model promotes the development of meaningful friendships within grade cohorts and creates a vibrant Alpha community that reflects the true diversity of our society. 

Post-Secondary Preparation 

Universities base their admissions policies on more than student marks. They are looking for well-rounded individuals who pursue their passions in extra-curricular settings, cultivate meaningful experiences, collaborate with peers, and take on leadership roles in their community.

Senior students who wish to challenge themselves with enriched courses are encouraged to consider AP Statistics or AP Calculus.  These courses include topics that reflect the content of a first year college/university Calculus/Statistics course. Therefore, enriched senior students prepare for university level studies as well as for the possible granting of advanced university credit. 

Enrichment Options

  1. In-class enrichment opportunities:
    • Extensions to current curricular topics
    • Puzzle games that require logical reasoning
    • Contest preparation
    • Problem of the week
  2. Out of class enrichment opportunities:
    • Math Contests (for more info on math contests, click –> HERE )