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Term 2 Self Assessment:

Here is the link to your Term 2 Self Assessment. Please complete and submit it online by Monday February 24th. Thank you!

Term 2 Self Assessment

Term 2 Group session:

Presentation link

Multiple Intelligence survey link

Thank you to all those who attended the term 2 group sessions and shared your ideas. If you missed the sessions last week, please review the presentation using the link above. Students who attended completed two journal posts:

  1. Upload the results (screenshot of the graph) from your multiple intelligence survey. See the link above.
  2. Reflect on your journal entries from the fall. Where do you think you are at on the competency scale for self-reflection? What are you doing well? What could you improve?

We discussed the focus for Term 2: Competence.

Term 2 Group sessions:

Please sign up for a session in Room 207…

Monday January 20th from 9:30am – 11:30am in MPR (permission form required)

Friday January 24th from 9:30 – 11:30, location to be announced.

Friday January 24th from 12:30pm – 2:30pm, location to be announced.

Term 1 Assessments

Term 1 Self-Assessment

Your Term 1 Self-assessment is due by Monday November 25. Please follow this link to complete the survey. This self-assessment is a required assignment for completion of term 1.

Term 1 Journal Highlights

As the end of the term approaches, we would like to give you an opportunity to highlight journal entries that you feel best represent your learning through your peer tutoring experience so far. Please look back over your journal entries and identify 5 posts (click for more detailed suggestions) that you would like us to consider when assessing your journal reflections. 

For each journal post that you choose: 

  1. Provide the Date of the journal entry you would like us to review. 
  2. Identify the Big Idea that you feel is represented in your thinking. 

It is NOT necessary to find journal entries to represent each Big Idea in the course; just emphasize the areas that you feel you have been reflecting on. Journal posts from your introductory modules can be included in your journal selections. 

You can use the Journal Highlights link to share your 5 selections. Deadline for submissions is Friday November 29th.

Journal Highlights form – Term 1

Peer Tutoring BIG IDEAS

Peer Tutor Group Session: Term 1

Term 1 Group Session Presentation

The full presentation from our group session on September 23 is available through the link above. We have also included the specific links to the course outline, course expectations, important dates, and the journal criteria that we discussed at the group session.

Peer Tutoring Course Outline

Course Expectations

Course Organization & Important Dates

Journal Criteria

Module 6: Psst! What if…?

With leadership roles comes added responsibility, which can be stressful. As you think about entering classrooms next week and supporting students, what are some things that you are worried about? If you have been a peer tutor before, maybe you recall a situation that was stressful or difficult to manage.

Journal Post: For Module 6, your task is to describe something that you are worried or unsure about. It could be a question you have. It could be something you are wondering how to deal with. It could be an area where you feel insecure about your own abilities. Share one idea of something that worries you about your peer tutoring experience.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next Monday September 23 at 12:15pm in the MPR. Please be sure to return your fieldtrip forms to TLC-207 by the end of the day on Thursday.

Module 5: Learning goals

Take a look at the Big Ideas for the Peer Tutoring course at the following link…

Big Ideas in Peer Tutoring

Consider one of these big ideas and reflect on what you would like to learn or ways you think you could grow in this area.

Journal Post: For module 5, your task is to describe one goal for your learning in this course and relate it to one of the Big Ideas for Peer Tutoring.

Module 4: Favourite learning experience

For Module 4, you will need to think back to a favourite learning experience that you have had. You may recall a favourite teacher who encouraged or inspired you. It could be a coach or instructor from a program outside of school. Identify one positive learning experience from any age that encouraged you, inspired you, or helped you to grow as a person…

Now, take some time to reflect on that experience. What made that experience positive and influential for you?

Journal Post: Your task today is to describe your favourite teacher/coach/instructor or learning group. What were you learning? Who was there and how did you relate to them? How did the leader encourage or inspire you? How did you feel during the experience and now looking back on it?

This journal post may be a little bit longer. You will need to write a small paragraph about this favourite learning experience to address the reflections mentioned above. It is not necessary to include the name of teachers or leaders that you are describing. You should be prepared to share your favourite learning experience story with a small group at our Peer Tutor session on Sept. 23.

Module 3: Sharing who you are

PT Module 3 – Sharing Extended Nametags

You may prefer to use a computer to complete Module 3 rather than your mobile device.

Module 2: Getting Connected

If you have not completed your PT request survey, please do so before proceeding.

Getting in touch with Ms. Ocenas and Ms. Smith

Ms. Ocenas:

Ms. Smith:

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your placement.

Email is the best way to reach Ms. Ocenas. I usually check my email before school or in the evening, but I should be able to respond to you within 24 hours.

Ms. Smith can usually be found in The Learning Centre (TLC), Room 207.

FreshGrade Journal

  1. Download the FreshGrade app for students onto your phone or visit the following link on your computer.

FreshGrade for students

2. Enter the code you received from Ms. Ocenas or Ms. Smith to connect your account.

3. Set your own password so that you are able to access your account without the access code.

4. Please post a selfie for us to use as a profile pic, so that we can connect your names and faces since we will not be seeing you regularly.

After each Peer Tutoring block, you should add a post on FreshGrade. Each post will provide a record to…

  • confirm your attendance
  • describe what activities you are involved in during the class
  • demonstrate your thinking and self reflections about your tutoring experience

Term Meetings

Our Community session for term 1 will take place on Monday September 23 from 12:15-3pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please take and complete the in-school fieldtrip form and return it to Ms. Smith in TLC-207.

Connecting with your Teacher Mentor

After our Community session on Monday September 23, students will be placed in classrooms according to their interests and students’ needs. Teachers can request a Peer Tutor by completing the Peer Tutor Request Form on the Teacher page of this website.

Module 2 Tasks:

To complete this module, you should:

  1. Create a FreshGrade account and logged in.
  2. Post a profile picture
  3. Make a journal post to respond to the following prompt: What strengths or skills do you feel you bring to your peer tutoring experience? What areas do you feel you may need support with?
  4. Take a fieldtrip form to complete and return to Ms. Smith in TLC-207

***Over the next four classes, you will need to access the website and complete Modules 3-6 before our Community Session on Monday September 23. Each module will include a journal post prompt.

Module 1: Welcome to Peer Tutoring

Module 1 presentation


Peer tutors are an important part of our learning support team at Burnaby Mountain. Tutors are placed in classrooms where there are additional student needs. With the guidance of the classroom teacher, tutors may support individuals or small groups of students. Tutors will be placed according to their tutoring strengths and interests, based on the needs of each class.

Course Expectations

It is expected that peer tutors will…

  • provide a role model to students in their peer tutoring class by honouring classroom expectations, demonstrating positive work habits, taking initiative to participate and communicate, and being open to learn new things.
  • develop their skills to support students with a variety of learning strategies.
  • take initiative to support the teacher as needed.
  • act as a liaison between classes and the Learning Centre (TLC) to provide information about assignments, projects and tests.
  • share your learning and reflections through regular journal posts.

   Course Organization & Important Dates

Module 1: Task

  1. Complete the Peer Tutor Interest Survey at the following link.

Peer Tutor Interest Survey