Intro to LSS

For information regarding the programs and services provided by the LSS department, please check out the Learning Support Services presentation at the link below.

Learning Support Services

Case Managers

For a list of designated students and their case manager, please look in the O365-03_BMSSStaff drive. If you have a concern regarding a student who is designated, please include the case manager on your communications. Thank you.

Would you like a Peer Tutor?

There are lots of fresh and familiar faces in our Peer Tutoring program this year. We will be meeting with them on Monday September 23rd to discuss expectations and equip them with some skills and strategies to get started with supporting students in your classrooms. Students will be placed in classes after this date.

If you would like to request a Peer Tutor for one of your classes, please complete a Peer Tutor Request form for EACH class that you would like support, as soon as possible so that we can plan for placements.

Peer Tutor placements are prioritized based on the needs of the students in the class. Our goal is to provide additional support in junior classes (Gr. 8-10) and large classes or classes with additional learning needs.


Jillian Smith & Heather Ocenas

Class list with Designations

To print a class list with designations in MyEd, follow these instructions.

  1. In the Gradebook top tab, select ALL your classes
  2. Under the Reports menu, select BC Class lists —> Class list w. Desig.
  3. Make sure all designations are checked off and click Run.

The following list of designation codes may be useful for interpreting your class list with designations. Designations A, C, D, G, & H are Low Incidence designations that affect your class composition numbers. Designations E, F, Q, K, R, & P are high incidence designations that do not affect your class composition numbers.

A Dependent Handicapped
C Moderate/Profound Intellectual Disabilities,
D Physical Disability or Chronic Health
E Visually Impairment
F Hearing Impairment
G Autism Spectrum Disorder
H Severe Behaviour Disorders or Mental Health
Q Learning Disability (mild, moderate, severe)
K Mild Intellectual Disability
R Moderate Behavior Disorders or Mental Health
P Gifted