Career Life Connections Gr 11


Find the most updated CLC Grade 11 schedule for pull-out sessions here.   (Changes have been noted with yellow highlight.)


Download the CLC assignment you need: Due Date: Supports for completing the assignment
Assignment 1: Connecting Me to My Future Options October 15, 2018 (to complete the 5 assessments)


Assignment 2: Networking and Career Reflections November 22, 2018 Networking Powerpoint with videos:  
FYI: In order to complete #2, you should have attended the Moscrop Career Fair on November 1st, and talked to at least 2 professionals present.  If you were not there, you must follow the directions on the assignment by interviewing two adults that you find. One can be a parent, the other should be someone else (a neighbour, friend’s parent, aunt etc…).
Assignment 3: Examining My Influences December 20, 2018 PowerPoint on Examining External Influences:

ASSIGNMENT 4- GRIT & CORE COMPETENCIES Due: end of February, 2019 (2 artefacts saved)

Due: end of March, 2019 (2 artefacts saved)

Due: end of April, 2019 (2 artefacts saved)

Core Competency PowerPoints
1. Explanation of the Core Competencies: 2. Examples of evidence to save
(curtesy of the Moscrop SLI committee)
What are the core Competencies? What kinds of things could I save to my portfolio?


for your reference only. Links & Videos you must watch:


GRIT: (1:28)

GRIT #2: 



CORE COMPETENCY POWERPOINT (examples of the types of artefacts you could save):

NEED HELP DEFINING EACH CORE COMPETENCY?? Find out how our student’s define them:

Core Competency student definitions

Session 5: (MARCH) Essential Skills, Grade 12 Career Exploration Project & attending Grad 2019 Capstone Presentations

**HOMEWORK: see Assignment 4: Core Competencies (save 2 examples for March and 2 for April)


March 31, 2019 and April 30, 2019 Session 5 PowerPoint Presentation (with links and videos inside)


Essential Skills videos: to help understand what the Essential Skills are

Essential Skills definitions

Essential Skills explanation of skill levels

Want to know what your Skill levels are?   Here is the link to complete the Essential Skills Test !!!  Where do you fall?

IMPORTANT!!: CLC Overview for Grade 12 Career-Life Exploration

IMPORTANT!!: Instructions for being an audience at the Grad 2019 Capstone Presentations on Thursday, April 18

Session 6: (MAY 1st) Healthy Life Balance – “Tabula Rassa” Presentation

**HOMEWORK: see Assignment 4: Core Competencies


ALL students must complete this: Core Competency Self-Assessment form (hand in to room 313 by Mon. May 6)

**this tells me you have completed your Core Competency Portfolio, and it is ready to be marked.**



May 6, 2019

*Students received 2 marks towards CLC for attending the presentation and completing an exit slip*


There is an optional journal that helps you achieve “Tabula Rasa” provided by the speaker: Sherina Chandra.  Feel free to email me to send you a copy for personal use, but do not distribute or share.


Session 7: (MAY 27th)

The Power of Mentorship – Minerva BC



Exit slip only.

  Missed the presentation?

Here is an article that will help you understand the concept of Mentorship:


All students will be required to find an adult mentor as part of their 30 Hour Career Exploration Project.

Session 8: (May/June)

Final CLC 11 Review


HOMEWORK: Final Self-Assessment



DUE: Monday, June 10, 2019

CLC Review PowerPoint: (stay tuned)



Are you up-to-date?  Double check what you should have done here.

My marks breakdown sheet

Want to know your marks so far?  Check the library.  Marks are posted in student number order, as of May 21st :



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