Arpeggios – Chrome Music Lab

An arpeggio is a chord played one note at a time. This experiment lets you play arpeggios in different patterns. Tap the wheel to explore major and minor chords.

Sound Waves – Chrome Music Lab

Imagine the blue dots are particles (pieces) of the air. As sound goes through air, it moves it. Use the magnifying glass to see the actual wave of the sound. Hold the note and see what happens.

Chords – From Chrome Music Lab

You can learn the major and minor chords with a keyboard. How do the major and minor chords sound different? How does a major chord make you feel? How does a minor chord make you feel?

Spectrogram – From Chrome Music Lab

A spectrogram is a picture of sound. A spectrogram shows the frequencies that make up the sound, from low to high, and how they change over time, from left to right. With this experiment you can compare spectrograms of different sounds, or use the mic…

May Activities

Here are the May activities for all of the music classes! Scroll down and choose 1 from the list below and submit to your music teacher. Check with your music teacher as to when these activities are due. Have fun!

Option 1: Creating Your Own Theme Song (Chrome Music Lab)

Link to Chrome Songmaker – How to Use Chrome Songmaker – Just like every superhero, we all have our own “Theme Music”. Music that represents who we are and what we like! Your job will be to create your own theme song! Brainstorm! Create…

Option 2: Songs That Connect Us

Sit down with one family member ask them what song brings them closer to their culture, community, or simply what brings them joy. (You have the choice of reaching out to a family member that does not live with you. Have a Zoom/FaceTime call with them and interview them that way!) 1. Interview…

Song Maker – from Chrome Music Lab

This is a really great and simple song creator. Select squares to make notes. Notice how the colours are different for the different notes. At the bottom you can add percussion sounds with the triangles and circles. Change the tempo of the song by adjusting…

Typatone Use your keyboard to create different tones. The app will continue to play the song that you create. Play around and make magic! Use the spacebar for rests. If you’d like, send your best song to me using the paper airplane button! Copy and…