TRIUMF High School Fellowship

Since 2004, the Fellowship program is for students who will enter the
first year of a full-time science undergraduate degree program. The
Fellowship includes an award of $3,000 and a six-week summer research
position at TRIUMF, Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and
Nuclear Physics.  Three or more fellowships are awarded each year to
students graduating from the BC secondary school system.

Two students from each secondary school who show an excellence in their science studies can be nominated for this scholarship. Those who are interested in getting this scholarship must fill up the application form and hand in at Room B 102 no later than March 10, 2016. Nominees will be notified regarding their nomination by March 30, 2016.

For more information and application form, click here


Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship

The Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame will be awarding $1,000 scholarships to encourage future excellence in athletics, academics and sportsmanship. One male and one female athlete will be chosen from the applicants and be awarded with the scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A graduating Grade 12 student enrolled at a B.C. secondary school (public or private). Priority will be given to those attending school in Burnaby
  • A resident of Burnaby for the past three years
  • Future plans to attend a post-secondary institution on a full-time basis]
  • Show evidence of high athletic ability and performance
  • Maintain a minimum of C+ average (please include copy of transcript)
  • Demonstrate leadership
  •  Be active in school and community

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the application form, applicants must also submit a short cover letter summarizing your athletic endeavours and post-secondary athletic and academic goals and plans.




BC Excellence Scholarships

Important Notice To High Achieving Students of Byrne!!!


The province of British Columbia is launching a new scholarship for the 2015/2016 school year. 55 students currently enrolled in their last year of high school studies in British Columbia will be given recognition through this scholarship. Winners will have demonstrated community service, both inside and outside their schools, and shown aptitude and commitment to their chosen career paths. They will receive a $5000 scholarship voucher to use for post-secondary tuition.

Only one (1) student from each school can be nominated for the award.

Nominees must:

  • Be enrolled in or graduated from a B.C. Grade 12 graduation program
  • Be eligible for a BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma) by August 31st of the school year in which they are nominated
  • Have at least a:
    • “B” (73% or above) in their Language Arts 11 final mark
    • “B” average in Grade 11 final course marks that fulfill graduation requirements of Science 11, Math 11 and Social Studies 11, with no more than one “C+” (67% or above) final course mark, (marks lower than “C+” are not accepted)
  • Maintain a “B” average in Grades 11 and 12 final course marks required for graduation
  • Submit a resume
  • Provide two references, one from their community and one from their school
  • Provide a written statement (maximum 500 words) describing:
    • What lead them to their community service, volunteer activity, and/or leadership role
    • What they learned from this involvement
    • How these skills/experiences will benefit them in their chosen career path

Students who wish to be considered for nomination must let Ms. Fujiki know by Monday, February 29th. Students interested in being nominated must have already handed in a completed Student Profile Sheet. Students must also submit the required written statement, resume and application form no later than February 29, 2016 in Room B 102.The school’s Scholarships Committee will nominate the candidate and the nominee will be notified on March 2, 2016.

For more information and to load the application package, click here


Kwantlen Polytechnic University Scholarships and Award Program

Students who are being admitted to Kwantlen Polytechnic University for the first time in the Fall 2016 term are invited to apply for entrance scholarships and award.  There are over 18 different scholarships ranging between $1,000 – $20,000 available for students who have shown excellence in different areas during their high school years. KPU offers two types:

Major Entrance Scholarships

  • The President’s Scholarship ($20,000)
  • The Merit Scholarship ($5,000)
  • The Aboriginal Entrance Scholarship ($5,000)

For more info…

Donor-Funded Entrance Awards

  • Chong-Yong & Chong-Hui Lee Memorial Award ($1,000)
  • CORSA Youth Initiative Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Dr. Bikkar Singh and Mrs. Surjit Kaur Lalli Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Dr. E. Jane Fee Award ($2,000)
  • Frank G. Hutchins Memorial Award ($1,500)
  • Hardip Mann Entrance Awards ($1,000)
  • Janis Elaine Waller Memorial Scholarship ($1,255)
  • Jason R. McPhail Endowed Memorial Award ($1,700)
  • KPU Marketing Management Entrance Scholarship ($3,000)
  • Kwantlen Student Association Entrance Award ($1,000)
  • Laura Szendrei Endowed Memorial Scholarship Award ($1,000)
  • Margaux Molson Endowed Award ($1,000)
  • RCG Group – Richmond Holdings Ltd. Endowed Entrance Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Student Leadership Impact Award ($1,300)
  • The Magical Dreams Foundation Endowed Bursary ($1,750)

For more info…

For application forms and more information about each scholarships and awards, please follow this link or visit room B102.

Deadline Monday, April 11, 2016


Royal Arch Masonic Home Education Scholarship


The scholarship is awarded to a well-rounded student who seeks a career in Health Care and while maintaining a good academic standing, has demonstrated good citizenship and leadership skills through voluntary participation in assisting older adults in the community. Two scholarships in the amount of $250.00 each will be awarded annually to graduating students from the Burnaby School District.

To be considered for the award the student should have:

  • been enrolled in a Burnaby school for the two (2) senior years
  • maintained a good academic standing
  • demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in Health Care
  • demonstrated community service assisting older adults
  • demonstrated good citizenship and strong leadership skills in the school and the community (excluding work experience)
  • formally submitted an application form to Burnaby School District’s Scholarship Committee

Each scholarship is unique and have a different criteria and guideline. Visit Room B102 to see all the scholarships available and find which one you are eligible for. Application forms can also be found in Room B102.


Rotary Club of Burnaby – Deer Lake


Rotary Club of Burnaby – Deer Lake is accepting applications for its Community Leadership Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to be awarded to successful applicants.

For information and application form go to:

The bursary will be awarded to a student who:

  • has maintained a good academic standing
  • has demonstrated good citizenship and strong leadership in school and the community
  • has participated in community service and volunteer work in the community
  • demonstrates financial need.

Download forms from the 2 Community Scholarships items in the lower right menu of the home page, or see your school counselor for more information.

Each scholarship is unique and have a different criteria and guideline. Visit Room B102 to see all the scholarships available and find which one you are eligible for. Application forms can also be found in Room B102.

Deadline April 3rd, 2016.



Burnaby School District Scholarships

The Burnaby School District offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for students. In addition to school-based scholarships and awards provided by both the school community and the local business community and post secondary scholarships and bursaries, a number of district scholarships are available through the district office.There are over 20 different scholarships ranging between $200 – $1,500 available for students who have shown excellence in different areas during their high school years.

Here are the available scholarships:

  • BASES Scholarship
  • Ace-It Scholarship ($250)
  • Burnaby Arts Council Scholarship*
  • Rotary Club of Bursary-Bursary Award ($1,000)*
  • Burnaby Association of Senior Exempt Staff (Bases) Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Burnaby Civic Employee`s-Local 23 Scholarship ($500)*
  • Dogwood District/Authority Award Scholarship ($500)
  • Ted Elphick Memorial Bursary (to be determined)*
  • Harris and Co Law 12 Scholarship ($200)*
  • Lex Henderson Memorial Bursary ($750)*
  • Louella Downing Visual Arts Scholarships ($1,000)*
  • Marjorie Jane Stephenson-Education Scholarship ($375)*
  • Marlene Larson Scholarships*
  • Parkcrest Children’s Centre Scholarship ($1000)*
  • Dr. and Mrs. A.H. Pontifex Scholarship ($500)
  • RCMP Scholarship ($500)
  • Royal Arch Masonic Home Education Scholarship ($250)*
  • Staples Business Depot Scholarship ($350)
  • University Women’s Club of Vancouver-Louella Downing Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships ($500)*
  • Vancouver Port Corporation Scholarships ($750)*
  • Ricoh Office Solutions Scholarships ($250)
  • Coast Capital Savings

Each scholarship is unique and have a different criteria and guideline. For more info, please follow this link  or visit Room B102 to see all the scholarships available and find which one you are eligible for. Application forms can also be found in Room B102.

All application form has to be handed in by March 29, 2016.


International Studies Scholarship

Applications are now open for FOUR new Ministry of Education international education awards and scholarships.

The new awards include funding for:

  • groups of British Columbia students and for individual teachers to study abroad
  • international, high-school level and international post-secondary level students to study in British Columbia, and
  • British Columbia students to study Chinese.

For more information on how to apply, please follow this link.






BC Student Exchange and Mobility Award

number available: 14 – 28

$5,000 – $10,000 Increase number of BC student groups travelling and studying abroad Groups of BC students travelling to China and Japan February 12th, 2016

BC Teacher Mobility Award

number available: 6

$5,000 Support BC teachers to enhance partnerships and intercultural knowledge BC teachers partnering with schools and teachers in China and Japan February 12th, 2016

BC China Award for Excellence in Chinese

number available: 50

$500 Increase the study of Chinese language BC grade 12 students studying Chinese March 31, 2016

BC International Student Ambassador Scholarship K-12 and Post-Secondary Entry

number available: 120 total, 60 K-12, 60 PSI* – *graduating BC K-12 international students

$1,250 Attract high-performing international students to BC International students from China, Japan and Korea April 15th, 2016

UFCW & OFG Joint Diversity Scholarship

The Overwaitea Food Group in partnership with UFCW Local 1518 will be issuing up to 10 $1,000 scholarships to students in B.C. Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who have promoted diversity and acceptance in their community.
This scholarship is available to students who are BC residents and are going to be pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited institution within the province of BC in the fall of 2016.

Canadian Iranian Foundation (C.I.F.) Scholarship


The Canadian Iranian Foundation is issuing scholarships worth $1,500 to students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies and are in need of financial assistance. The scholarship will be awarded to those who have excelled in their studies and have helped the community through volunteer work.

For more information regarding requirements and application form

Applications are due March 15, 2016