Department Members

Tracy Borders – Ms. Borders teaches Humanities 8 and Social Justice 12, as well as running the Social Studies half of the Discovery Program for grade 8’s.  She is a die-hard Wisconsin Badgers supporter and loves floral arrangement.

Andrew Hunchak – Mr. Hunchak teaches Social Studies 11 and Law 12.  His family makes the best perogies and he can often be seen wearing a giant hollowed out watermelon on his head as he chants “Go ‘Riders Go!!”

Demetra Loukopoulos – Ms. Loukopoulos teaches Humanities 8 in the mornings at Alpha.  She never has a bad hairday, since she spent the first part of her adult life as a stylist in Hollywood.  When not teaching Social Studies, she teaches ballroom dancing.

Amber Norris – Ms. Norris teaches Humanities 8, and is also the English Department Head.  She tries to read a new book every week, and is currently working her way through Dr. Suess’ anthology of work, looking for grammatical errors.

Ken Suttor-Doerksen – Mr. Suttor-Doerksen teaches Social Studies 9, Language Adapted Social Studies, and Psychology.  He is an avid fly-fisher, and has decorated his room with several species of stuffed aquatic life that the Biology department has offered to purchase from him

Susie Virk-Sull – Ms. Virk-Sull teaches Social Studies 9, 10, and 11, as well as History 12.  Her wealth of historical knowledge extends to the culinary realm, where she teaches classes in 17th century Asian Baking, and 9th century raw vegetarian fare.

Mike Wong (Department Head) – Mr. Wong teaches Social Studies 9 and 10, as well as Geography 12.  In the summer months, he operates a non-for-profit gold mine in the Yukon, donating all the proceeds to the Canadian Space Agency and the development of the Canadarm III.