Course Offerings

The Social Studies Department offers the following courses:

Humanities 8 – 7th to 18th centuries – Focuses on contact and conflicts between peoples, exploration, expansion and colonization of countries, how ideas and traditions changed during the time period and how humans and the environment influenced population and living standards.

Social Studies 9 – 18th to 20th centuries – Focuses on how emerging ideologies and ideas changed the world, the influence of the environment on political, social and economic change, the disparities in power between individuals and societies, and how collective identity can change over time.

Social Studies 10 – 20th and 21st centuries – Focuses on how global and regional conflicts have shaped contemporary identities, how the development of political institutions is influenced by many factors, how world views have changed and influenced the development of Canadian society, and how historical injustices question the concept of Canada as a multicultural society.

Social Studies 10 (Language Adapted) – Similar to Social Studies 10, expect the courses has been adapted to suit the needs of English Language Learners

20th century World History 11/12 – Focuses on how Nationalist movements can both unite people and cause intense conflicts, how technological changes in communication and transportation led to profound changes in personal and national identities, and the breakdown of traditional imperialistic economic and political systems have led to new systems.

Human Geography 11/12 – Focuses on how analyzing data from a variety of sources improves our understanding of our connected world, demographic patterns are influenced by both cultural and physical forces, human activities change the world around us, how geographic regions are composed of both physical features and human interactions

Physical Geography 11/12 – Focuses on how analyzing data from a variety of sources improves our understanding of our connected world, natural processes have an impact on the landscape of human settlement, human activities and resource use affect the environment, and how interactions between human activities and the atmosphere are affecting global weather and climate

Law 11/12 – Focuses on how understanding legal rights allows citizens to more fully participate in society, laws maintain the status quo and are a force of change, law is an integral part of all facets of a person’s life, and laws are interpreted and these interpretations change over time.

Psychology 11/12 and 12AP – Focuses on the human mind and human behaviour.  Students discuss different theories and ideas that help explain both conscious and unconscious thought in a historical and present day context.  Research methods and important psychological discoveries and methodologies are critically examined for validity and appropriateness in today’s society.

Social Justice 11/12 – Focuses on how all social justice issues are interconnected, individual world views affect our understanding of social justice issues, the causes of social justice issues are complex and have long lasting impacts on society, and how social justice initiatives transform broth individuals and societies.