How can I help my child with Homework?

Some hints to help your child with their Languages homework


A question we often get from parents is how do I support my child with French homework or  homework in the language of their choice?

Hopefully, these hints will help:

Create a learning space

  • set up a quiet space that limits distractions
  • create a schedule with your child to develop a homework routine
  • time management is an important skill to develop- use a calendar, agenda, or a checklist

Make Connections by asking questions:

  • ask your child to explain what the assignment is about; how it connects to what is happening in class and then make connections to family or community life
  • ask your child about learning strategies being taught and used n the classroom and offer reminders of their use in the classroom.  Strategies often include; activating prior knowledge, expressing main ideas, asking questions and locating facts, sequencing events, summarizing key points, and visualizing

Suggest and Use Support Resources

  • sharing some go to websites, online tools can make a difference and save time on researching, writing and editing
  • help your child consider multiple sources and ask such questions as to who is providing  this information and why? Is it reliable source?

Homework Buddies

  • Encourage your child to exchange contact numbers with friends from class so they can speak to each to potentially help review together
  • Communicate with other parents and the teacher to exchange ideas, challenges, and support each other

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