Happy Lunar New Year!

Many families will be celebrating Lunar New Year this weekend. We have lots of books about Lunar New Year in our library. You can search for them in our catalogue by clicking the link at the very top of the page and this week they will be out on display for you to check out.

Because this year will be the Year of the Rabbit, we have books that feature rabbits out on display as well. One of my favourites is The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams because I have a favourite stuffed bunny just like the boy in the story!

We just added a brand new Lunar New Year book to our collection! The Tray of Togetherness by Flo Leung shows a family preparing for their New Year party by filling a special candy box for their guests. Each of the eight lucky snacks in the Tray has an auspicious meaning: peanuts for a long life, pistachios for happiness, candied coconut for strong family ties… The illustrations look good enough to eat! I will be sharing this book with primary classes this week.


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