80 Hours Focus Areas

Business and Applied Business

Accountant, bookkeeper, data entry clerk, payroll clerk, banker, financial planner, office assistant, business officer manager, secretaries, entrepreneur, salesperson, realtor, marketing executive, insurance agent, human resources manager, stockbroker, court clerk, purchasing agent, hairdresser, aesthetician, massage therapist, cosmetician

Fine Arts, Design, and Media

Photographer, camera operator, illustrator, artist, painter, art curator, film director, cinematographer, producer, broadcaster, audio & video technicians, actor, set designer, choreographers, dancer, fashion designer, tailor, interior designer, craftsperson, jeweller, musician, conductor, composer, singer, animator, game developers, web page designers, graphic arts

Fitness and Recreation

Athlete, coach, recreation director, trainer, fitness consultant, facilities manager, community recreation coordinator, referee, ski instructor

Health and Human Services

Nurse, health care assistant, doctor, paramedic, pharmacist, speech therapist, veterinarian, optometrist, chiropractor, dieticians, dentist, dental assistant, hygienist, medical/dental lab technicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, teacher, teaching assistants, daycare worker, counsellor, psychologist, social worker, home support worker, police officer, probation officers, security guards, lawyer, paralegals, firefighter

Liberal Arts and Humanities

Anthropologist, sociologist, archaeologist, museum curator, historian, archivist, communications officer, journalist, librarian, government public service, political scientist, postal worker, linguist, interpreter, clergy, geographer, urban planner

Sciences and Applied Sciences

Engineer, architects, landscape architects, surveyor, physicist, chemist, biologist, environmentalist, forester, meteorologist, geologist, computer programmers, aviation pilots, air traffic controllers, technicians in areas related to occupations listed above

Tourism, Hospitality, and Foods

Tourism information counsellor, host/hostess, hotel manager, reservation sales agent, campground operator, flight attendant, food and beverage manager, server, chef, baker, bartender, front desk agent, concierge, hunting and fishing guide, tour guide

Trades and Technology

Plumber, pipe fitter, gas fitter, sprinkler installation, carpenter, contractor, cabinet maker, drywall installer, framer, roofer, bricklayer, painters, decorators, upholster, tile setters, floor covering installers, insulator, electrician instrumentation mechanic, car audio installer, security/alarm installer, power engineer, aircraft maintenance engineer, heavy equipment operator, heavy equipment mechanic, millwright, machinist, welder, communications repair technician, motor vehicle mechanic, automotive repair and refinisher