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Elementary Abel/Gauss Contest

This year, over 1100 elementary students wrote the Grade 7 Gauss contest created and supported by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing through the University of Waterloo.  This contest is open to any student at or below grade 7, and this year we had students in grades four through seven.  Our students did exceptionally well this year, with over 5 students receiving the maximum score of 150 and over 20% of our students scored 125 or higher.

The Abel contest is open to Burnaby School District students in grades four and five and is written at the same time as the Gauss contest.  It is a district-wide contest which was written by students at their elementary school.  The students ranged in grades from kindergarten to grade 5 and over 300 students participated with over 10% receiving an 80% or higher.

Congratulations to all the participants!  Contests such as these are a great way to demonstrate higher level understandings of some very difficult mathematical concepts.  More results will be coming in soon.