Mathematics Contests

The following past Abel and Gauss contests can be downloaded for general practice.  For more information about the contests held in May each year, contact your teacher or email


Abel Contest 2006

 Abel Contest 2007

Abel 2008

Abel 2008 answer key

Abel Contest 2009

Abel Contest 2010

Abel Contest 2011

Abel 2012 contest

Abel 2012 answer key

Abel 2013 contest

Abel 2013 answer key

Abel 2014 contest

Abel 2014 answer key

Abel 2015 contest

Abel 2015 key

Abel keys 2005 to 2011

Gauss Grade 7:

Gauss Contest 2012

Gauss 2012 solution

Gauss Contests 1998 to 2011

Gauss 2011 solution

Gauss 2010 solutions

Gauss 2009 solutions

Gauss 2008 solutions

To download other past Gauss contests from the Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing, click here.

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