Schedule & Hours


We are very lucky this year to have the library open for children and staff every day of the week!

Throughout the week, there are designated times for late primary and intermediate book exchange, however the schedule allows for flexibility in this as children can visit the library for book exchange at anytime during the week when there is a Teacher Librarian present.  Grades 5, 6 and 7’s are also piloting a new self checkout station to reflect the core competencies of greater independence, responsibility and organizational life skills.

Younger primary classes begin the year with a weekly fixed library book exchange (generally on Monday, but please check with class teachers).  As they become more familiar with library expectations, location and check out routines, they will be encouraged to transition toward the flexible schedule and visit the library as and when needed (but generally once per week) in small groups.  Some classes may move toward this sooner than others which is totally fine!  We take the lead from the children!

Schedule to be posted soon!