Cmolik Scholarship

Cmolik Scholarship!

If you believe you are an appropriate candidate for the Cmolik Scholarship please let Ms.Gillam now that you would like to be considered for nomination from Alpha. Must let Ms. Gillam know by Friday, December 17th. (Final application is due Feb 7th, 2022).

Please review criteria below.

  • Must be at arms-length to any Trustee of the Foundation.
  • Must complete a Cmolik Foundation Application (available online).
  • Must be graduates from a British Columbia Secondary School and have lived in Canada for a minimum of 7 years.
  • Must be seeking financial aid to complete a post-secondary education or trade.
  • Must be ineligible for the BC Tuition Waiver Program (for former youth in care).
  • Must have a specific post-secondary goal to complete.  (May change their mind along the way to a different career goal as they develop their aptitudes and interests).
  • Post-secondary education or trade school must be a requirement for their chosen career path.
  • Must have demonstrated the tenacity, focus, and ability required to succeed with their individual post- secondary educational goal.   Please note that while academic standing is an important factor in determining future success in post-secondary endeavors, it is not necessarily our main consideration.
  • Must have experienced adversity or hardship in their life.
  • Without financial aid may not have the opportunity to attain a post secondary education.  The reason for the financial need should be explained in their application.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to finance their transportation and living expenses while attending their chosen educational university or institute, and have a plan to do this.
  • Who have significantly contributed to their school, family and/or community will be given special consideration.
  • Must agree to sometime during their lifetime fund a non-related person in furthering his or her post-secondary education, in a manner similar to the support received from The Cmolik Foundation.

Applications are due February 7th of each year for post-secondary enrollment commencing not later than September of that year.

All applicants must be endorsed by their secondary school. The principal’s nomination letter must be included with the application.

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