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Office 365 & MybluePrint


Many of you have expressed that you cannot log in to Office 365 or MybluePrint which you will need to do to complete Grad Trans 12, CLC 11 & CLC 10

Here is a quick guide for you! 

Office 365

  • Link to Office 365 is on the Alpha Website
  • Your login in email is your student number@edu.burnabyschools.ca (123456@edu.burnabyschools.ca)
  • If you do not remember your password or are having difficulties logging on, please see Ms. Cao in the office.
  • Once you have logged on you will see a number of Microsoft apps. Look for your group or class under teams. Once you are in the teams section you will be able to click on Files. Files is where you will find presentation information, sign up information and assignments.
  • Conversations is where you will be able to see updates and messages from Ms. Gillam or Ms. Lo


Step 1. Go to SIGN UP

Step 2. Enter ACTIVATION CODE bbyalpha

Step 3. Select STUDENT

Step 4: Complete registration and enter information.                                                                               (This needs to be professional and accurate).

  • Once you have signed up, we will place you in a virtual class. Through class you will be able to receive messages from Ms.Gillam or Ms.Lo as well as find all information about MybluePrint specific assignments

Thank you! Ms.Gillam & Ms.Lo