Course Offerings and Descriptions


Please find below a list of all of the great business education courses offered at Alpha:



This full-semester course allows students to experience, explore and develop the exciting topics of entrepreneurship and marketing, computers, and digital literacy. Students will display their creativity by constructing a business plan for a product that they will prototype, test, make and share. Students will develop computer skills that will benefit them throughout high school, including, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, introduction to computer coding, and keyboarding techniques. Additionally, students will examine the critical topics of Internet safety (cyberbullying), digital self-image, and research techniques.



Are you the next Steve Jobs? Do you like hands-on projects? In this course students will have the opportunity to develop and display their entrepreneurial and marketing skills by participating in a school-wide business venture. In the creation of this venture students will:

  • Evaluate the risks and benefits of entrepreneurship
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Understand consumer needs and wants
  • Utilize computer technologies
  • Reflect on financial performance and overall business success
  • Work effectively both as individuals and collaboratively in a group



This course introduces students to the various avenues of business education, including: marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting and economics. This is a fantastic course for students who may be interested in pursing further business studies at Alpha. Students will develop transferable skills that they can apply to future courses, careers and life in general, such as: financial literacy, presentation and teamwork skills, promotion and advertising, problem-solving, and critical reflection of project success.

  • In Business Education 10 students will have the opportunity to start their own business and compete with other teams to sell products in the school.



In this course students will develop extremely useful and life-long skills that they will use in high school, post-secondary education, and career pursuits. This is a practical hands-on course for students interested in learning how to use their computer skills in various environments. Students will learn how to:

  • Elevate their current Microsoft Office application skills
    • Create letters, memos, reports, and learn the do’s and don’ts of email correspondence
    • Develop advertisements and logos
    • Generate dynamic PowerPoint presentations
    • Chart and graph data
    • Produce spreadsheets & budgets
  • Design and create a website that can be used as a future career portfolio
  • Improve and develop keyboarding techniques and learn proper computer ergonomics



Accounting is a valuable course for all students to learn how to manage and account for their personal finances.  Additionally, this course is fundamental for any student wanting to pursue business after graduation. In accounting students will:

  • Be introduced to fundamental accounting and budgeting concepts
  • Learn the accounting cycle and how it is used in business
  • Use real business case studies to read and analyze financial statements
  • Learn how to make sound financial decisions
  • Grade 12’s will learn how to use Simply Accounting software
  • Understand the variety of careers in accounting, and hear from guest speakers
  • Increase your opportunity to work in banks and accounting firms



In this course students will have the opportunity to create and participate in a real business. Potential business ideas include; food items, Alpha clothing and merchandise, promotion of school events/performances, and more! This is a fun, collaborative, hands-on course that will allow students to see what marketing is all about. Course topics include:

  • Create marketing and promotion strategies to persuade consumers to purchase
  • Learn how to build and maintain both an online and physical store
  • Target market and segmentation
  • Evaluate existing company marketing strategies/campaigns
  • Design different forms of advertising, including print ads & commercials
  • Understand the risks associated with marketing a product: environmental, financial, and emotional



This is a great course for students who are interested in computer-related technologies and who have an interest in computer science. The course will revolve around the technical/logical aspects of information technology tools and resources. Topic selection will be modified based on students’ interest and curriculum. Some course topics include:

  • 2D and 3D design and animation
  • Networking technologies and systems management
  • Desktop digital media including websites and blogs
  • Object oriented programming



This course provides practical, hands-on experience that encourages students to pursue the technical side of digital media development. Students will be able to create multimedia rich projects including video, print, web-based and audio. The theme in this course will be storytelling and will focus on the communication aspect of computer technology. Students will:

  • Create and edit digital videos and animations
  • Record and edit sound and music
  • Write and produce their own movie
  • Collaborate with other courses to develop promotional materials



Are you interested in the economy, human behaviour, or the accumulation of wealth? In this course you will learn how the economy works from both a micro and macroeconomic perspective. Economics 12 fills the admission requirements for local universities such as SFU and UBC. Current events, simulations, and debates are integrated throughout this interactive and project-based course. The key topics examined include:

  • The economic problem of scarcity
  • Supply and demand
  • Competition, trade and government policies
  • GDP, inflation, and unemployment
  • Stock market, banking and currency
  • Business strategies and trends



This course introduces students to owning and operating an e-commerce business, while applying marketing fundamentals. Students will gain valuable future employability skills such as managing staff, communication and leadership, marketing goods and services, and developing and implementing new and innovative ideas. Some of the main activities/topics include:

  • Conduct market research and evaluate existing local and global competition
  • Design and implement inventory, marketing, accounting, and personnel plans
  • Gain hands-on experience with the evolution and nature of e-commerce
  • Learn cyber-marketing strategies to direct traffic to websites
  • Explore distribution channels for a digital business
  • Create advertisements for print, radio, television and e-commerce



This is an excellent course for students who are interested in event planning, hospitality, and tourism. Course topics include:

  • Explore the evolving sectors of the tourism industry in a changing marketplace
  • Visit some of the main tourist attractions in the lower mainland
  • Examine Aboriginal tourism and the local/provincial market and economy
  • Plan an itinerary for both a Canadian and International destination
  • Explore adventure tourism and outdoor recreation in BC
  • Research jobs available in the tourism industry
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Develop techniques for communicating and interacting with diverse individuals and groups