2 More Psychology 11 testimonials!

This course helped me understand myself and the people around me.  I found the course very interesting and informative.  I think the section of the course where the different development stages were discussed taught me a lot about myself and the others around me (such as my parents, friends, teachers, etc).  All in all, I can say that the course has helped me out in my life very much and it was very informative.  It was always fun and I enjoyed every lesson of it.  Not only because we were taught a lot of life skills, but also because you learn a lot about yourself and you can even often decide about what you want to learn next.

Owen W.

The most important concept/theory I learned in this course was disorders because it personally opens up my eyes to see what people really fight through and struggle with where before I was ignorant to what really happens in those people life when it comes to battling a mental or physical disorder or even growing up with someone close that has a disorder them self’s.

Adrian T.


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