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Reading Club

To promote reading outside of school, the library sponsors a READING CLUB. Participation in the READING CLUB is voluntary, but we recommend that you encourage your child to join.  Montecito’s READING CLUB began on October 6, 2014. Start recording for every day of reading at home on the READING CLUB sheet.  When you have completed a reading club form, return it to the library and receive a new form.  Each form is for a period of 50 days of home reading.  The goal is to complete 200 days of home reading before May 31st.   Those students who achieve this goal will be able to place a special bookplate inside a new school library book to honour their accomplishment.

Reading research has shown that role models are extremely important in affecting children’s reading behaviours. Therefore, you are invited to be partners with your child in the READING CLUB. Seeing adults read will reinforce the idea that reading is a pleasurable activity.

Here’s how it works!

  • Each student or participating family member(s) reads and/or is read to for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Use your reading club sheet to keep track of your reading. A parent/guardian initials next to each date recorded after reading.
  • When all the 50 boxes are filled, return the record sheet to school. Students will be recognized at a special assembly, where they will receive a certificate and a small reward!
  • Set 15 minutes aside each day and make a firm commitment. We can all find 15 minutes…even in the busiest schedules. It will be time well spent, time which is priceless, time which cannot be recaptured if we let it pass.

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