Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books takes place every year for 8-10 weeks. We select 10 book titles of various genres. It involves all the intermediate classes. Teams are created, including a captain and co- captain, who are responsible for distributing and keeping track of which team members have read what book. At Kitchener this year we decided to change the format to how the district runs the Battle, though we did not join the district Battle. We have 2 different Battles, one for gr 6/7 and one for gr 4/5. Teams are no longer just within their classrooms but can involve students from other classes. Also we changed the questioning format to “in which book…” and then the rest of the question, rather than using open ended questions. So now the answer will be the title of the book. The Battles are also run differently. This year we will have to change that, since we are no longer able to get together. Stay tuned for how we will run the Battles!