Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is an annual reading program .   We choose 10 books to read during an 8 week time period.   Grades 5-7 are placed in teams, each with a captain and co-captain.  The captains jobs are to distribute copies which have been alloted to their classroom,  to their team members, monitor the teams’ reading progress, and make sure their teams reads at least one copy of each book.  They also make sure that all their team members are writing questions about the books which will then be read out by me during the battle.  On the 7th week, we have a classroom battle, so all teams in each class sit at table groups, while I read out the questions. Teams are able to discuss the questions amongst themselves, write the answer on paper, then a runner runs up to me with the answer, and the team gets a point for a correct answer.  The winning team goes on to the Final Battle.