Thinking about your future? Maybe a career in catering, fashion or with children? Or maybe you’re looking to confidently cook nutritious meals for yourself, your friends or your family now or when you have a place of your own? Or you might be interested in how food affects your health? Or what to do with a baby when you have one? Or what skills contribute to a healthy relationship or family? Maybe you have a flare for fashion and want to learn all about creating clothes or marketing clothing? Home Ec will help you meet these goals, answer these questions and more!


2016 will be Central’s third annual Iron Chef Competition! The Competition takes place after school in the Foods Labs. Six senior and six junior teams of up to 4 participants will come prepared to make a winning main dish and dessert. Their dishes will be judged by a panel of Judges, including students from Centrals own Culinary ACE-IT program. Seconds before the competition starts, the secret ingredient will be revealed, leaving the teams to carefully incorporate it into both dishes before the time is up. Students and parents are invited to watch the completion in action and stay for the awards ceremony. There will be a senior and a junior Iron Chef winner and fabulous prizes for the top three teams in each category.