Everything a new grade 8 student needs to know about:

  1. identifying perfect squares and perfect cubes
  2. evaluating square roots and cube roots
  3. identifying right triangles
  4. finding the missing side of right triangles 

To be handed in with the Pythagoras Theorem booklet.

French Resources

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Greetings STEAM8 Students,

A message from Monsieur Fouquette below:

I most recommend the Quia games and the TPRS novel ‘Pauvre Anne’ all accessible through links.!AoaRWD9UtMJHgYFh4Wz1vEP-CF0axA

Not available from the homework board are the verb test study guides and tests. They can be accessed here:


Term 2!AoaRWD9UtMJHgP98CQ3Lm6iuMVLIfg 

Students can also stop by to see me anytime. 

If questions arrise, please talk to M. Fouquette, Ms. Moulin, or Ms. LaBrash to clarify.

Element Advertisement

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Starting Source I


Source information to record:

Title of website: Radium Element Facts
Name of author/website creator: not available
Day- 18  Month- October Year- 2012
Name of Host site: ChemiCool
Date you viewed the site: Day- 08 Month- Feb Year- 2017
Web address:

Title of website: ________________________________________________________________
Name of author/website creator: ___________________________________________________
Date of last update (copyright): Day- __________ Month- _____________ Year- __________
Name of Host site: ______________________________________________________________
Date you viewed the site: Day- __________ Month- _____________ Year- __________
Web address: http://_____________________________________________________________


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Greetings Byrne Creek STEAM 8,

We look forward to learning, exploring, creating, and building starting in September 2018. 

Wishing you a restful and rejuvenating summer.



Ms. LaBrash, Mr. McDonald, & Ms. Moulin

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