Documentary Viewing – Directly Affected “Pipeline Under Pressure”

Friday – May 4th

Students will attend a special viewing of the documentary film “Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure” in the Multi-Purpose Room of our school. Students need to ask for permission from their blocks 5 and 6 teachers as the viewing is not on a ConnEx day. The filmmaker, Zack Embree, will be in attendance for a Q&A after the viewing. This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand our discussion of the pipeline! Students will be complete a follow-up assignment in the days to come. Please ask Ms. Mindlin any questions you may have.

Indian Horse Film

On Wednesday April 25th we will be travelling to the New Westminster Landmark cinemas to view the film Indian Horse. The film is based on the award winning novel written by the late Richard Wagamese. The story follows a young indigenous boy and his experience with residential school and escape through the sport of hockey.

This field trip will draw connections between physical education and indigenous perspectives/participation in sport.

Thinking of ConnEx for next year?

Students interested in ConnEx 9 and 10 can get application forms from Ms.  Mindlin in Room 206, English 8 teachers (for ConnEx 9) or Social Studies 9 teachers (for ConnEx 10), or they can be found below. Completed applications are due by MARCH 16th!  There will be a Parent Information Night on March 8th at 6:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room. Come see if ConnEx is right for you.

ConnEx 9 Application 2018-2019 Fillable

ConnEx 10 Application 2018-2019 Fillable