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Happy Summer everyone.  Be sure to explore some new books and find some old favourites.

You can still join the Summer Reading Club at the Burnaby Public Library .  For more information click here.

See you in September,
Ms Carson

Students are able to borrow library books over the Spring Break.  We ask that they don’t take their library books with them if they are going away.

Be sure to Read, Read, Read and check off your Reading Club form!! The next, and last form, begins on Thursday April 2nd.

Have a great Break,
Ms Carson

 Some classes read the beautiful book, Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal.  We followed up with an activity writing kind words to use with others.  Division 6  made a collage of their kind words:

On October 9 we began a new year of Reading Club.  Students were so excited over their dedicated books from last year and are keen to dedicate another.  So, be sure to Read, Read, Read each night and check off your form.  The actual 50th Night of Reading is November 27.  However, if you miss a night or two, that’s okay.  The next form won’t be available until December 4.

If you lose your form you can print another – check under the “Reading Club” page.

Happy Reading,
Ms Carson

Yay, we are into our second week of our regular library schedule!!  Please see the schedule page to see when your library time is.

Please bring back your library book before or on your library day.  If you want to renew a library book please bring it on your library day.

Students may also exchange books at recess (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) or after school (Tuesday, Friday).

Thank you,
Ms Carson

Thank you Buckingham readers for a great year in library.  Congratulations to all of those folks who completed their 200 Nights of Reading.  Your dedicated book will be waiting in the library for you in September.

Reminder to sign up for the Summer Reading Club at any public library in British Columbia.  For more information check out this page at the Burnaby Public Library https://www.bpl.bc.ca/kids/kids-events-and-programs/summer-reading-club

Have a great summer full of great books. See you in September.

Ms Carson

Wow – it’s that time of year already!! Please bring back your library books this week so that we can complete the year-end clean up. We also need to pack up many of the books because of the painting work in the library this month.

If everyone in a class brings their books back on their library day, there will be a prize for that class.

Thank you,
Ms Carson

Hello Reading Club folks,

The last form, for 151-200 nights of reading, is now available for those students who have completed the first three.

Read, Read, Read, as you have until May 31 to complete your 200 Nights of Reading and then dedicate a library book.

We’ve been having great fun celebrating reading this week at Buckingham.

Family Literacy Day is officially this Saturday, January 27. For more information check out: https://abclifeliteracy.ca/family-literacy

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