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There is lots of discussion right now about how important it is that we treat each other with respect and how everyone matters.  Christian Robinson is an illustrator/author who wrote You Matter to tell everyone that they are valued.  To learn more about him and his books visit his webpage: The Art of Fun.


It’s time to do some non-fiction learning.  Let’s visit some of my favourite  animals and places (including the ones at the bottom that I’d love to meet).  Please leave me a comment as to which one interested you.

Great Blue Heron colony at Stanley Park – they are on their nests right now. Click on the Webcam and scroll down to see them up close.

Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta – if you love dinosaurs, this is the place to visit Click:  Virtual Tour   or    Museum Website

The British Museum in London, England – two million years of human history  Click: Museum Website  to explore the museum in 11 different ways.

Musee D’Orsay  in Paris – do you love art?  See work from Monet to Van Gogh Click Google Arts & Culture

Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat up close.  This webcam is in the habitat of these amazing creatures in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.   Click Webcam

Happy Summer everyone.  Be sure to explore some new books and find some old favourites.

You can still join the Summer Reading Club at the Burnaby Public Library .  For more information click here.

See you in September,
Ms Carson

Hello Reading Club folks,

The last form, for 151-200 nights of reading, is now available for those students who have completed the first three.

Read, Read, Read, as you have until May 31 to complete your 200 Nights of Reading and then dedicate a library book.

We’ve been having great fun celebrating reading this week at Buckingham.

Family Literacy Day is officially this Saturday, January 27. For more information check out: https://abclifeliteracy.ca/family-literacy

In our final week of library we enjoyed the classic story The Night Before Christmas done up as a spectacular picture book by Robert Sabuda.



Thank you to all the students who returned their books for the holidays. Be sure to visit the public library over the holiday.

Happy Holidays
Ms Carson

Wow – lots of Buckingham students have completed their 50 Nights of Reading!!! They have moved on to the 100 Nights of Reading form. As soon as you complete the first one, please give it to your classroom teacher and they will give you the next form.

Read On!!
Ms Carson

The Buckingham Reading Club began this week – have you been checking off your form? If you have questions please check out the Reading Club part of my blog.
Read, Read, Read!!!

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