AP English Literature & Composition 12

Myths about AP English

#1 – Students have to be “A” English students

There is no minimum grade required to enrol in AP English 12. The most important qualities of an AP student:

  • self motivation
  • curiosity
  • openness to new ideas
  • desire to learn
  • passion for English

#2 – Students have to take the AP Exam

Students can choose to take the AP exam if they feel prepared and want the option of receiving post-secondary course credit. Many students take AP English for better post-secondary preparation, but choose not to take the exam.

#3 – AP English is super hard

AP English is rigorous and challenging. There is more writing and reading than regular English Studies 12 BUT it does provide more practice in those skills, giving students more opportunity to improve in those areas which is valuable, especially for university preparation.

#4 – English Studies 12 mark will suffer

AP English is a dual credit course. Students will receive 2 marks: 1 for English Studies 12 and 1 for AP English 12. The English Studies 12 mark will be 2-3% higher than the AP mark to account for the sophisticated nature of the course materials.