Photography in the Elementary Classroom

While artists have always documented the world for us to see, photography has a particular way to help see ourselves in each other- the beauty, the frailty and the truth of what is possible and what is so in this world.

G. Dreyfous- Executive Producer, Born into Brothels

The Burnaby School District has invested in a number of digital camera kits for student use some which are available at the District Learning Resource Centre.

Cameras can be used effectively with students of all ages. I have seen some amazing shots taken by six year olds. On saying that, after having the initial few lessons where students muck about and experiment freely, they will need guidance to develop their understanding  of composition, lighting, camera angles, and framing.

Here are a number of forms and lessons that can be used when using cameras with elementary children.

  • Pledge of Responsibiltiy Form- click here.
  • Camera Tracking Form- click here.
  • Parental Photography Consent Form-click here.
  • Jigsaw for basic camera skills- click here.
  • Scavenger hunt-click here
  • Primary Scavenger hunt- click here
  • Composition lessons-click here.

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