Welcome to the PODCAST!
I’m hoping this can be a way that teachers can share their stories from the classroom.  I want to try and share all the ways that our students have changed us, made us laugh, cry or rethink our own views.

A podcast for, and by Burnaby Teachers.

I believe stories are at the heart of  teaching, learning and the Arts. I am privileged to share these stories with you.


EPISODE 1  “Spontaneous Maximus”

On this episode I sit down with a long time friend and colleague Cam Beaton.  Cam is currently teaching English  at Burnaby South Secondary School.

Cam revels and relishes his opportunity to work with young people and his passion for teaching is evident in every word of our chat.

Cam and I mention a news story of some young heroes.  You can find more information here: http://time.com/5542923/chairlift-rescue/

Do YOU have a story to share?  Email me at:  bryna.williams@burnabyschools.ca I will come to YOU.